Monday, February 11, 2013

Side Table Makeover Transformation

Today I finally, after procrastinating for a few weeks, have finished my table makeover.  The chair is almost finished and I'll share it soon.

Sorry for this blurry photo, but I didn't have my tripod within easy reach.  I used Polyvine Create Paint Effects glaze.  This is an old standby from my wall finishing days.  It's sold through Benjamin Moore (hopefully it still is) and is my favorite because of the very slow dry time.  I mixed 6 parts glaze with 1 part acrylic gray paint.  You can use wall paint with this glaze too.  I mixed a very small amount in this tiny plastic tub that I can seal up when I'm finished.  You will also need a small chip brush or a sponge brush.
I prefer the chip brush for getting into all the grooves of the carving.

The table and chair before painting....

One coat of primer....  

 Two coats of Seashell in my all time favorite paint, Benjamin Moore Advance Satin... 

Apply the glaze with a chip brush and make sure to get in all the crevices.  I worked the glaze into this section between the legs and then with a cotton rag (husband's old t-shirt works great) rubbed off the excess, leaving the glaze in the crevices.  Only work a small section at a time.  If you apply glaze to the entire piece it will be too tacky to work with and to rub off.   I then took an artist's mop brush or you can use a small Purdy paint brush to gently stroke and soften the glaze that clings in the recessed areas.  Don't brush hard or you'll pull all the glaze out.  Once again lightly buff with a cotton rag.  If you rub too much glaze off, just reapply and repeat until you are happy.

I wanted just a very subtle glazing to bring out the detailing on this table.  

Very subtle...

By the way, notice the vinyl table cloth under my table?  These are cheap and make great drop cloths for projects like this.

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  1. Bravo Catherine Holman! Looks great.

  2. Lots of great tips and it looks fantastic. It had great structure to begin with and the paint job really looks wonderful.


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