Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Acrylic Paint Storage and the Storm Continues....

This is not an attractive view of this corner of my paint room, but a few readers have asked about the wood piece that I store all my acrylic paints in.  I purchased this several years ago from "A Cut Above Woodworks".  It rotates like a lazy susan and I can simply spin it when I'm searching for a color.  Please ignore the mess in the background.

Last Thursday it started to snow and snow and more snow....

By the time it had finished, we had close to a foot of snow.

Luckily, it was a dry snow.  
Today, however, we woke up this morning and the power was off for about 4 1/2 hours and we had several more inches of very wet snow on top of all the other snow.  We were very blessed to have lots of firewood to keep us warm though.

Our poor dog Lady has long hair and when she goes outside it sticks to her like snowballs and she looks like a minature Clydesdale.  
Tonight it is snowing once again.  

A couple days ago I got up early made myself my usual bowl of oatmeal, walked to the pantry in my big fluffy pink slippers, grabbed what appeared to be my cinnamon,  sprinkled it on my oatmeal, and then realized it was my husband's "Hog Rub".  It was the same color and size container as the cinnamon, but not all that great on oatmeal.  How's your week going?


  1. Love your oatmeal story, my yard looks similar, and we are expecting more tonight overnight. Wednesday is usually my painting group, but I think I'll be doing a solo at home.

  2. It's going better than putting hog rub on my oatmeal. ☺ Wow, you really do have a lot of snow, but the ultimate insult is to be without power.

  3. Somebody once said to me about all of her sewing "messes" . . . "If you can't see all the sewing droppings on the floor, nobody will know you've been sewing." That's about true for anything. All of your stuff produces beautiful things for me to look at. I just wish I had a few of my favorites on your site.

  4. I absolutely love your acrylic paint holder! I wish I can find something like that in where I live, just so handy to find my colours :)


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