Monday, January 7, 2013

Makeover Projects For January

I found this table over a year ago at my neighbor's garage sale and posted about it here.  

I had big plans for this table and it still looks like this.

A good friend gave me this chair a while back and I put it in the basement until I had time to work on it.  This Christmas we needed some extra seating so we brought this up and put it at the dining table.  Believe it or not, before I show you the next photo, this chair is extremely sturdy.  It held up all through Christmas dinner.  

Looks like we definitely need to cut a new seat before I recover it.  What do you think?

Now take a closer look at that tag.  Just in case you can't read the writing, it says Montgomery Ward, Kansas City, MO.  
Probably not what some people would consider quality furniture, but Montgomery Ward sure brings back childhood memories.

I will be painting and sharing the process soon.


  1. And it'll be a wonderful new chair. Such seating is invaluable at Christmastime!

  2. Happy New Year!
    What great pieces to have fun with, I can't wait to see how you paint them. Wards what a store that was. In my town it was the biggest store to shop in everyone went to Wards, I remember buying my Jr. High graduation dress there. We use to call Wards "Monkey Wards"
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  3. I love it, Mongomery Ward is certainly better than Ikea and it's wood, you can do something with it. Oh if I live closer, I'd be over in a heart beat to help/learn. I love these things. I'm not sure what plans you have for your table but I have a restoration formula I'm willing to share, if you don't want to paint, but I think a lovely little 4 season scene would be nice of your little village. Can't wait!

  4. We called it Monkey Wards, too, Elizabeth! ha.

    I think the chair is great, and I'm sure the "Monkey Wards" of the past had much better quality furniture and goods than now. Wait, do any of them even exist anymore? Our local store closed down years ago.

  5. Looking forward to seeing the results of your projects!

  6. Beautiful chair. I'm looking forward to your post about the makeover.


  7. Yep, Catherine, I would definitely say a new seat is in order......

    Looking forward to seeing the process.


  8. Hi Catherine, I look forward to seeing the results of the chair and table make over. Love that table by the way, so pretty. You are very brave, I would not even attempt anything like this, probably doesn't help that I would have no idea what I'm doing. I'm looking forward to your make over though because I know you are talented and will make it look amazing.



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