Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Looking back over the year, here are a few paintings that I completed in 2012:
(The second one is a collage of prints celebrating my favorite color, red).

In July we lost our long time companion of 12 years, Annie:

Overwhelmed with sadness, God blessed us with Grandma's dog, Lady, a few months before we lost Annie to cancer.

Lady's name is truly what it implies.  She is part Golden Retriever and part Collie, which makes her a Gollie.  Gollie's are so sweet and gentle and she makes very strange noises, which is common for this breed.  She has been quite the blessing!

This year we did some remodeling in the kitchen:

Painting these knotty pine cabinets, changing out the hardware, and addinging new light fixtures made a huge difference.

Today I will be taking it easy and watching a little of this before getting back to the drawing table:

If you've never seen this British series, it's available on Netflix.  I love it because it's very quirky.

I will also be putting up my feet in my old, fluffy pink slippers....

and having some of this...

Since everyone in blogland seems to be picking a word for 2013, I've decided that mine will be "Dream". 
Keep your dreams alive in 2013 and if you don't have any it's time to start.  Your God given talents are a good place to start.
Have a blessed and wonderful New Year!


  1. My dear! Happy New Year from Russia! Love, Nika

  2. I love the cupcake picture best! Annie looked like such a sweetheart... so sorry :-( Have a Happy New Year!

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  4. Gollie...what a great name...do you think they'll become their own breed one day? Lady looks like a love. Your collage is beautiful and I'm going back to "blow it up" so I can see the details. I'm still loving your kitchen and using it as my inspiration to DO something this year with my own. I'll be DREAMing for sure if I don't get GOing. I love Doc Martin. He certainly is quirky. Do you suppose that he's autistic?

  5. Catherine. I'm sorry you lost Annie this year, but so glad you now have Lady to love.

    I love your kitchen, and I would never leave it if it were mine.

    And last but not least, your word of the year, "Dream", and keeping your dreams alive, is exactly what I needed to hear right now.

  6. I love them all, and I know how you feel about losing a pet. I can't post all the pieces I've finished this year, I've got such a stack of UFO's that should be my goal. I find I get to a piece and if for some reason I lose my infatuation with it, or can't decide if I like a piece, I put it aside until it comes to me. But, I also like just living with the piece as I paint it up. I'd never make a living at this... thank God my husband loves his job. One big job I did finish was my cork chair. I'm not even letting anyone sit on it yet. I so admire people that "finish" things. Have a wonderfully creative New Year, anxious to see your next creation.

  7. Lady looks like a wonderful dog to have around. Loved seeing a mosaic of your work from 2012. Happy New Year Cathy!

  8. Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2012 is my worst year ever...I lost my brother...

  9. Great kitchen Catherine, it looks like a magazine picture. Love the airiness.

    Ladies face looks a lot like my Izzy (Golden retriever). So glad you have her.

    Have a great year - and don't forget to dream.



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