Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cherry Chocolate Cake Painting

I love working on these little 4" x 4" paintings.  When I'm finished, I tie it up in a coordinating bow and "wah lah" it's ready to list on Ebay.  

Three bright red cherries top this milk chocolate layer cake frosted with pink cherry frosting.  This sweet treat is displayed under a glass dome on a beautiful aqua cake plate.  

Painted on a black background with black edges and tied off with a brown and pint dotted bow, this painting would be a delightful reminder in your kitchen to bake up something for your loving family! could just show it to them and say, "Dream on", if you don't like to bake, or you're on a diet, or the kids have tracked mud all over your freshly mopped floor, or.....fill in the blank.

Remember this is a great calorie free way to enjoy your cake and not eat it. 


  1. It is cute! Love your new header as well...

  2. This is fabulous it. I love small canvases too, such fun. I recently finished a 4 x 6. Coming here always makes me hungry. :)


  3. This is so cute! I love the colors and the polka dot ribbon.

  4. That is very very 'sweet'! I love cherries and ate some on my cereal this morning! I love your banner. I'm trying to change mine today! lol

  5. REally like the new header. The ribbon sets off the painting nicely.



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