Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Difference Between Good and Evil

Yesterday I made a bad choice.  Not the kind of choice that you could call a "sin", but a bad choice all the same. 
I made these...


the day before I have to take these...


Now, I'm sure you can probably figure out what I'm having done tomorrow.  Today is a liquid diet of 8 oz. of water every hour until bedtime, plus the above evil items.  I really do not like Gatorade at all.  No offense to Gatorade or those of you who love it.  I have to gag it down.  The last time I went in for this procedure, they couldn't do it because my heart beat was causing a problem on the monitor.  I was then sent to an appointment with a heart doctor who made a change in my blood pressure medicine and all is good.  I did the prep and didn't get the colonoscopy.  This time I'm not leaving that table until the procedure is over because I'm not doing this prep again this year. 

I'm trying to stay out of the kitchen today, because I'm not sure with my memory that I can remember to stay out of the chocolate chip cookies.
Now, Rick, just remember there had better be some cookies left in that jar when I get home tomorrow because that would be considered evil and so would whatever I might do.
Wish me luck!

Catherine Holman


  1. All the best. Easy...peasy. Smart move. Just keep your mind on the cookies. ;-)

  2. Be brave..just keep your eye on the prize those yummy cookies.....
    I will be thinking of you, sending you lots of hugs.

  3. I totally understand. I got sick to my stomach after drinking all of that gator aid. My hubbie just had his and he got to drink Crystal light.....not sure if that is much better. Just think...when this is all over you can eat those wonderful cookies!

  4. Best of luck, and you would be so justified in doing an evil thing if your hubby ate those cookies.

  5. you are a much stronger woman than I, I would stay home and eat the cookies! Best wishes.

  6. Wishing you many blessings and a super report especially after all the troubles you've been through to be a good girl and do the right thing. Hope that you have a good lot of cookies waiting for you when you get home.

  7. Oh, dear! I'm late reading this post, and you have probably already had that procedure! I hope all went well for you. The prep is such an annoyance to me! I have a very high pain threshold, and have this procedure wide awake! The prep is much worse!:(

  8. Good luck, I've had to do that also. No fun.

  9. Your funny! I do wish you well on your test!

  10. Hoping everything went to plan Catherine. Wishing you well...
    Hugs x

  11. Catherine, I've heard so many people say that the prep for the colonoscopy is the worst...the procedure is nothing but the before stuff,....just plain stinks. I hope all is overwith for you now and you get to forget about it.

    Yuck...I hate Gatorade too.


  12. Hope you came through your procedure well. I did this same prep in June and I detest Gatorade. There has to be something that tastes better. On another note, I just framed and hung one of your fall prints that I purchased on your etsy site. Gorgeous.

  13. I hope all goes well. My doctor has been bugging me about that for years! Those cookies look delicious :) I love all your art.


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