Monday, September 24, 2012

How to Make a Pendant Light From an Old Rusty Egg Basket

Last night Rick decided to make our light fixture for over the kitchen sink.  We wanted to use one of grandma's rusty old wire egg baskets.  While walking around Lowe's a couple weeks ago for what seemed like hours we finally came up with what we would need to make our basket into a light. 
Items needed:
Mini Pendant Light Kit (only used the shortest rod in the pkg.)
White coated wire (because this is not going to be wired direct)
White Lamp Cord Switch
White Plug
 Vintage 60 Watt Light Bulb
 We took a few things back that we didn't need too....

I couldn't wait until morning to take a picture because I was so excited!  I think Rick was shocked that it was so easy and everything went smoothly.

Our cabinets do not go all the way to the ceiling so drilling a hole through the wood above the sink, rewiring the pendant light with the white wire, threading this wire through the hole above the sink and running it across the top of the cabinets over to another hole drilled through a cabinet and down to the outlet that hides behind that large scale on the counter, was all that was needed to get this thing of beauty up and turned on...wheww!  The egg basket is just hanging on the pendant and nothing is holding it in place. Amazingly the hole in the bottom of the basket was just the right size for the pendant light to fit through.

I'm rather curious to see how long that almost $10.00 bulb will last.  I've been wanting to try one but never had a lamp suitable for one.

See that little rectangular label on the front?  It's perfect for blocking the light from the huge bulb directly into my eyes while washing the dishes.  I had thought about painting that with chalk board paint and writing "eggs" on it.  Anyone got a better idea or should I just leave it's old rusy patina alone?

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Catherine Holman


  1. Clever gal. It looks terrific. I had to giggle at your "that's all it took." Ha! I like it just as it is, but you're an can do anything with it!

  2. Love your rustic country-style hanging light fixture. And those scales, I might just have to steal that towel hook idea!

  3. What a clever lamp, Cathie! I love it. It goes great with your kitchen. I'm loving that Autumn painting too!


  4. It's wonderful, I'd leave the old rusty,tag. But I'm a little weird. Love the autumn prints.

  5. Absolutely charming, Cathie!! Love the inventive way to use an heirloom ... and by the way - the kitchen looks cute, inviting and chic - - all wrapped up together! Lovely work :)


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