Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Painting the Kitchen Cabinets Saga

It's been a very long process, but I'm about to see the finish line as I continue painting the kitchen cabinets.  Here are the stages I've gone through:
1.  Wash cabinets
2.  Sand lightly
3.  Fill holes
4.  Drill new holes for new hardware

5.  Wash again to make sure no saw dust remains
6.  Cover knot holes with knot hole sealer
7.  Caulk
8.  Apply one coat of sealer
9.  Apply two coats of paint

Rick picked up a second gallon of paint for me the other day and told the salesman that I would do a commerical for their Benjamin Moore Advance Satin paint because I love it that much.  Brush strokes level out and you are left with a very smooth finish.
I'm seriously in love with this paint! 

This cubby is for my new white microwave but is temporarily housing items from across the room.

Here the bottom cabinets were finished and I was about to tackle the top cabinets.  My husband loved the knotty pine cabinets and I liked them too, but they were in pretty bad shape.   He does admit that they look much better now.  See all those pesky knot holes I had to seal.  If you don't apply knot hole sealer they will bleed through the paint.  I know this from experience.

Everything from the top is now stored below. 

That black dishwasher is headed out as soon as I sell another large painting. 

I'm loving this new cottage look with the white paint.

The only thing left is to finish up painting the doors.

I'm lining drawers and shelves with the red and white check liner.

Only one more coat of paint on my doors tomorrow and then three days to dry before putting them back up.  With a 16 hour dry time between coats of paint,  it becomes a very long process.  Hopefully next week I can put everthing back and share the completed project with you. 
I hope to be back to painting on canvas again next week!

Catherine Holman


  1. it may have been a ton of work but they are gorgeous! I love the updated cottage look and love the drawer pulls...great job Cath.

  2. The afters look so fresh and clean, love it!

  3. I love it! Thanks for the paint recommendation too. I've used BM paints for other projects and will definitely go with the Advance Satin when I paint my kitchen cabinets. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  4. It looks beautiful! We just moved from nc to tx and I wanna tackle the cabinets here and paint them white too! I can't wait to get started :))

  5. I love what you are doing to your cabinets! They are turning out wonderful!

  6. What a fabulous job! You are very patient.

  7. The cabinets look beautiful! I like them better too! Glad to know about that paint!

  8. Really looks good! prefer it to the knotty pine :)

    Did you know you can have your surfaces refinished too? I just found this out as I was researching bath tub reglazing. It's amazing the new colors and finishes they can do on kitchen work surface! Not sure if you were planning on it, but check it out if you were - then you don't have to have them completely replaced! Saves a ton of money too :)

  9. Cathie, what a beautiful job you've been doing. I love the cabinets and I love the cottage look. Love the new hardware too! Great job!

  10. I love the way the new white cabinets are turning out! you sure can make magic with your paint brush..I would love to paint my oak cabinets white, but Gary likes them the way they they stay. You sure have been working hard, I bet you can't wait to have your kitchen back. It really is turning out so beautifully...
    Have a sweet weekend sending you big hugs, Elizabeth

  11. Catherine, your kitchen looks fabulous...what a lot of work but so worth it. I was just talking to my husband about possibly painting our future kitchen in our new house, if we get oak cabinets that is. I like oak but have had it for years and am sick of it...what you have done, I love....great job. Well worth the work



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