Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Big Change in the New Year

This year Grandma Chickie (my husband's grandmother) turned 101 on Jan. 4th.  A few days later she moved into a nursing home near us and we've been busy helping her get situated and trying to make her room look cozy.  She has lived on the same farm since she was 17 and married her husband, Howard.  This is a "big change" but she's making friends quickly.  Grandma's real name is Edna, but all the grandkids thought it was easier to call her Grandma Chickie because she sold eggs.   This photo was taken on her birthday in her kitchen at the farm with my sister in law, Tammy, and two of her children, Makayla and Aaron.
There is another lady down the hall from grandma who is 102.  When we arrived to visit a couple days ago she said the the lady who was 202 came in and stole her green nightgown and she reported it to the nurse who retrieved it.   She's so funny!


  1. Wow how wonderful that she is 101 and only now going to a nursing home. I wish her well in her years to come!

  2. Awww, she's a cutie pie and is doing well to readjust to a new situation. Wishing her many blessings in her 101st year!

  3. How cute Grandma Chickie is!! I love the name!! 101 and she is only just going into a nursing home facility-God bless her!!

  4. What a pretty lady! Happy Birthday to her! I'm a January baby, too! ♥


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