Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

I would like to introduce you to Grandma's sweet adorable dog, Lady.  Now that grandma is in the nursing home, Lady has come to our house until we can find her a good home.  Seems as though we have.  Our son would like to have her when he gets his own place and our daughter has also fallen madly in love with her.

and who could blame them...
Lady's name also describes her.  She is a true Lady. 

"Now wait just a minute!"  says Annie, the queen of the home and long time adored leader.    But, before long she is taken in by the sweet and adorable Lady.

The camera shy and ever lazy, Jersey Girl, is also entranced by Lady and loves her with all her heart. 

Bailey, the feline head of the household isn't so sure.  Slowly but surely she soon drops to the floor before Lady and sings her praises too.

Lady's words to the wise is, "Let sleeping dogs lie".  Especiallly on a Three Dog (and one cat) Night". 

Welcome to our castle Lady of Holman Manor!


  1. Comfy and cozy HOME. My son wants a dog, I'm just so tired of cleaning up cat hairs that I'm reluctant.

  2. Oh how cute! They are all adorable.

  3. She is really lovely, glad she stays in your family and doesn't go to strangers!

  4. Oh it sounds as if it will work out very well no matter how it turns out. Grandma will be so pleased to know that Lady is being well care for. I hope that she is in a facility that allows pets to visit.

  5. Lady is precious! She looks just like our loveabe Golden Retriver that we had for many years. Our dogs and cats become an important part of our families!

  6. Oh.....how sweet! What beautiful pets you have. Catching up on your posts! I truly love that cupcake painting, too!



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