Thursday, September 4, 2008

YUM... Cupcake Painting

I would like to thank everyone for voting for my husband's choice to leave the bike in it's original rusty condition from a prior post. I may have to sneak out in the dark with a can of spray paint some evening when no one is looking. I really thought I was going to win this one. It's very hard for me not to paint everything in sight! My hubby just loves it that most of you voted with him.
Please check out Melissa's lovely home at her blog Sunbonnet Cottage. She was so sweet to mention me in her post yesterday. Like me, I'm sure she'd love it if you stopped by and left a comment.

I finished a new cupcake painting today and listed it this evening on eBay and you can check out the auction here.

These yummy cupcakes are topped with fluffy, mocha chocolate, piped frosting. Colorful sprinkles add a very pretty touch to these decorative cakes. Sitting on a yellow cake stand woven with brown and pink dotted ribbon, the cupcakes are embellished with decorative letters which spell out "YUM".


  1. Love the cupcakes!!! I'm getting my print framed and will take a picture of it and post it on my blog as soon as it's finished. I'm sure it's going to need a to just decide which one.

  2. I love this one. That a fun touch putting the cute letters on each. Have a Happy Day!

  3. Looks sweet enough to eat to me!


  4. Catherine,

    Thank you for linking me to your post. That was so sweet of you.

    Talking about sweet. Oh! I love your new print. It looks good enough to eat.

    Happy Friday!


  5. These cupcakes just look fantastic! I purchased the Thanksgiving print today and looking forward to putting it in our log cabin - I'll be sure to post it on my blog!

  6. Great painting! I found you through Stephanie's blog link.

    Inspiring site. Thanks for sharing!


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