Thursday, September 25, 2008

Martha Stewart Features Blogs

Check out Martha Stewart's blog. She is featuring different blogs on her show. If you leave her a comment and link to her blog, you might be one of several blogs to be featured on her show. It's worth a shot!

Check out these cute little bookends. I got them from Linens, Lace, and Lattes blog. She was selling them on eBay and suggested using them in a child's room for Little Golden books. If and when I ever get any grandchildren that is where they will go, but for now they are holding my little gardening books.

"Pumpkin Harvest is a new little print that I just added to my stores. You can check it out here.

Henrietta painted her house blue this week before the weather got too cold to get finished. Her sweet neighbors, Daniel and Misty, helped her making the job much easier. The couple think she would be the perfect match for their cousin who lives on a farm nearby. They've decided to invite both of them to dinner on Saturday evenin' to see if they can't get the ball rollin'.


  1. Hi Cathie,
    Thanks for the Martha info! I posted it on my blog too, mentioning your name...

    Love the sweet bookends. And I want to know how the dinner turned out between Henrietta and her neighbors cousin!

  2. I just love the little deer.The idea using them for bookends for children's books outstanding.hugs Marie Antionette

  3. Hi love the little bookend cute vintage purchase.. Although I would really like to say I opened up your blog today and started dancing becuase brown eye girled started to play on your play list... thanks for giving me a smile!


  4. Those bookends are fabulous! I'm trying to figure out a way Martha would read my blog, but something tells me she wouldnt care much for a loud barking Mabel. :)

  5. Thanks for the Martha tip!
    Susannah x

  6. Hello; I love the book ends they are very cute. And I also love the painting, very pretty the colors are so rich and fall looking.

    Have a great weekend.

  7. Hi Catherine, I promise I did not forget about your giveaway. I have it near completion now and should be able to pop it in the mail on Monday no problem. I had a hectic week with 2 custom orders to work on and did not get to give it my undivided attention until this morning. I need to seal it now and package it up. Hopefully it will be worth the wait.
    Your painting is lovely, as always and I just love the stories that go with them. They make you feel connected. You are so creative! I love the cleomes too. I do not have any but my MIL does and I think they are gorgeous.

  8. Hi Cathie :)

    Those little bookends are so sweet. They look perfect in that spot until precious grandchildren grace your life :)

    Beautiful painting as always and I hope that Daniel and Misty get the ball rolling for Henrietta and their cousin ;)


  9. Oooh, Bambi bookends! How sweet are those? And I vote for Martha to feature your blog on her show! Not only do you paint adorable houses, but you paint food, too! What more could she ask for?


  10. Those bookends are precious! Thank you for sharing the Martha info!

  11. Hi Catherine, love your print!!!!

    Thanks for mentioning the Martha blog, I signed up ...after all, you never know.



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