Friday, September 5, 2008

More Junk From Grandma's House & Halloween Print

A ghostly pirate ship glides through the water with sails billowing near Ghost Island. This is part of the Halloween festivies every year for the local villagers organized by Hazel, the mayor of the island. Hazel lives on the opposite side of the bay from her dear friend Morris who is her right hand man, helping her with this event each year. They visit so often that they decided to build a small foot bridge to shorten the distance between them. This year the two of them decided to add a pumpkin carving contest to the list of events including a costume party, apple bobbing, and barn dance.
I added this print to all my shops today. It will be on eBay Saturday morning.

Grandma Chickie had us cleaning out more cabinets this week and below is more of what she considered junk and didn't want. Most of the stuff was truly junk and did get put in the trash, but these few items we saved.

Old Folgers coffee can ....
Green percolator....(I'm sure my daughter will take this.)
I loved these glass storage dishes. Not sure how old these are.
A very pretty amber colored butter dish.

I made the most beautiful cake to take out to Grandma's. It was so pretty that even my husband said that I should photograph it for my blog. Notice you don't see it here. It was the most bland cake I've ever eaten. The name, Brown Sugar Pound Cake with a Brown Sugar Glaze, sounded delicious and looked spectacular, but to me it wasn't really worth the trouble. Even Grandma didn't give it a thumbs up. How can something be so pretty and taste so dull? The glaze was good so I might use it on a different cake sometime.


  1. Love your treasures from Gramma esp the old Foldgers coffee can, I have had cake that looked spectacular but left me wishing I hadn't tried it.
    Have a good weekdend

  2. I love you print and the story that went with it, they way to tell it, it seems like a real place. Somewhere I would like to visit. ha ha Have a great weekend.


  3. Lovely print, at first I didn't see all the pumpkins, but yes the season is coming closer.

    Have fun and enjoy your weekend. Suzy

  4. Hi!
    My name is Lisa Demars Im from St.Thomas, Ont. Canada
    I love your Blog! You have a lot of old things! I love anything old I also have a few things.
    Stop by my blog and say Hi!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. How fun to find such great stuff as you help Grandma Chickie!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog- I am glad you did as I found yours. Saw in your profile that you paint house portraits! That would be fun to do for our (after we get it painted and fixed up- right now it would look like a haunted house picture!!! ) What wonderful talent you have!

    I am still thinking about the glazing- had to get the room ready for guests so it won't get done this week for sure!!

    :) mary

  6. That's a really cool ghost ship in the Halloween painting. I love it!

    And the tins!!!!! I'm so jealous you have such fun cupboards to clean out at Grandma's. It's like digging for buried treasure.


  7. Hi Cathie :)

    I love your new painting and it's such a cute story about them building a bridge to each other :)

    I still can't get over the stuff that she says is junk LOL Lucky you!

    Most cakes that look beautiful and taste awful are wedding cakes. I can't believe anything so beautiful could taste so wretched.. yuck!


  8. LOVE the painting and the treasures from your grandma's house are wonderful! I loved looking at them all.


    Thanks again for all of your kindness and support. You are such a sweetheart.

  9. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am glad I discovered yours - I love folk art. :) I'm really looking forward to looking through all of your work. Hope you have a great Monday!

  10. I love the old Folgers can. My grandfather just did the same junk clean out with my grandmothers old spices. I got two bags of amazing spice cans. A few look like the may be from the 40's? Just a guess. When I get them situated in a cozy spot in the kitchen I'll post so you can check them out.

  11. The print is priceless!

    I love what you brought home from Grandma's. I wonder if I could remember how to make a good cup of coffee in a percolator. It's been a few years!

    My aunt had some refrigerator storage dishes similar to those. My earliest memories of them is in the early 50's.

  12. oh, I LOVE Ghost Island! What a perfectly spooky painting, and love the incorporation of the pirate ship!
    So nice to have met you :)


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