Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wickford Village Halloween Folk Art Print

I had every intention of sharing something completely different this morning, but for some reason I keep accidentally erasing my photos from my camera. Not sure if it's old age or what the problem is. So, instead today I'll share a little early "Halloween" print.
Smoke stirs in the air along with the scent of crisp autumn leaves in the Village of Wickford. Tired children drop off to sleep after a busy evening going door to door for treats. Another Halloween has come and gone as jack-o-lanterns burn one last time lighting up the cold crisp evening.


  1. Catherine,

    I can't even begin to tell you how much I love your paintings. The details and colors are the things I like best. Up until now I've just been lurking on your website but I finally had to come out in the open and tell you how much I love your artwork.


  2. Catherine; what a beautiful print and lovely story to go with it. It looks so inviting, I want to live there. lol;


  3. Cathi,

    I told my husband this morning that I want a collection of your prints for my birthday. Expect an order soon.


  4. I'm so glad, Gretchen, you're no longer lurking and have decided to join us! Melissa I'll be watching for your order and I'm honored you want some of my prints for your birthday!
    Hugs to all,


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