Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rooms With a View

Can you tell I'm looking for something to blog? I've worked hard for the last two days categorizing my posts and they are now listed in the right sidebar by subject matter. So, if you don't want to read about my boring life, recipes, view my paintings, etc., etc., you can pick the subject that you are interested in.
I'm working on a large 18 inch x 24 inch autumn painting which could take a while. Don't get the idea that I'm not painting.
Below is the view from my second floor landing out onto the backyard.
I apologize for not raising the screens. This view is from my dining room window. I love being able to enjoy my flowers from inside too! We had new windows put in so all I have to do is raise the screens to water the window boxes.
Here is one view from my living room window into the backyard.
...and here is another view from this window. Can you see how much the Creeping Jenny and the Sweet Potato vine have grown in the fountain birdbath since I showed you previously?
I love this view of my zinnias from the lodge room/television room. I can sit on my sofa to watch t.v. or look at my flowers.
I did have to trot outside to get a shot of my children's old wagon with my .25 cent begonias from Wal-Mart. They looked pretty poorly a couple of weeks ago. I think this was money well spent. Yesterday I bought more .25 cent flowers from Wal-Mart and I'll share where I put them when they are looking a little better. I bought something on a recent trip to a flea market and was inspired with a purchase for my garden. The flowers and this purchase go hand in hand, so I'll share them soon.


  1. Nothing better than a room with a view, and so many!

    Your flowers and garden are so pretty!


  2. I often feel that the best part of a home is 'the view'. Thanks for sharing yours. Your flower gardens are lovley.

  3. The view from your living room window is so lovely. And I love the little red wagon! So cute!!!!


  4. Hi Catherine...I will definatley enjoy leafing through your cateogies...I just added those on my blog a few months ago and pretty much sat here and put almost 2 years of posts into my categories but I love having them so it was well worth it. I'm sure you will too.

    The only funny thing now is, when I blog, I'm very anal about what catagory things go into...Everything and I mean Everything, has to seem to fit into a category now for me. Sometimes I"m wild and crazy and have a post in two different categories. : )

    On a less silly note, your yard looks beautiful...I especially love what you did with that red wago, so pretty, I love that look. Enjoy your yard and your categories!!


  5. Lovely views, all!! Wow, the fountain flowers are glorious. I think I'll use creeping jenny and sweet potato in ours next year.

    Have a wonderful week!

  6. I love the flowers in the wagon... and I've enjoyed looking through your archives - you are SO TALENTED!!

  7. You have so many lovely flowers in your garden, I can see how you must be inspired to paint looking out to all those colours. Susannah x


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