Saturday, August 9, 2008

More Great Junk!!

I've blogged before about my husband's grandmother, Grandma Chickie as she is known to the children of the family. She is now home from the nursing home and doing very well. She is so happy to be back on the farm with her dog Shelby. She had suffered a broken hip in a fall and had to have a hip replacement. Edna is walking now without her walker most of the time. She asked my husband and I to clean out some of her cabinets and here is what I came home with:
These great dessert cans from Watkins still had the powdered mix inside. I love them and I'm claiming these!
The above containers as well as the little clip on bird are for my daughter, Amber.
Isn't this the cutest little pink box?
Look what was inside!
Look at these great retro curlers. Aren't the colors wonderful? My daughter is going to want these too. Any ideas on how to display these?
Not sure who is getting these two vases.
My daughter is going to jump on these little ornaments too!
Amber or my son, Eric, will want this set of 8 amber colored glasses. Eric also got an old tin globe bank which I've already given him and didn't get photographed.
This old chocolate box is mine!
Not sure who is getting this very retro turquoise and white Holiday thermos, but I'm sure Amber will have an idea.
This jar is mine! Notice how I stake my claim.

...and finally these four season Robert Wood aged, yellowed, and very curled prints will surely find a home in one of my kids homes.


  1. Hi Cathie! So glad Grandma Chickie is home and doing well. You came home with some wonderful items!

  2. Thank you so much for your prayers and wonderfully kind comments during this difficult time. Every word made and is making a difference as we begin this new journey.

    Thank you so much for your words of comfort and blessing,
    kari & kijsa

  3. Hi Cathie :)

    How wonderful that Grandma Chickie is home. I know she must be thrilled, because I would be :)

    What wonderful treasures you found!

    I love what you did with the red house. It turned out beautiful. Thank you for the shading lesson. I needed that :)

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday,

  4. Wow, a flash to the past. The metal culers are a real trip back to childhood memories. The Thermos is so great and also the Robert Wood prints. I remember when it was the thing to have a long Robert Wood print over the sofa.

  5. That was quite the treasure hunt ;) Go glad that Grandma Chickie is back home and doing well. You could adopt me and send some of those things my way!!

    Enjoy your week,

  6. Great have your own personal time capsule there!

  7. The food cans and the chocolate box are GREAT! What finds!!!!! I just love the retro labels and lettering. Can you tell I'm green with envy? ;)


  8. Thanks for popping in for a big grin...!! LOVE all of your things you got from Grandma Chickie! They will all be treasures for you all!
    Karla & Karrie

  9. Glad to hear Grandma Chickie is doing well.

    Love all the great things, Catherine! I had to laugh when I saw the hair curlers. I used to use them!



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