Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Houses Painted From Photos

I thought my readers might enjoy seeing where I get my ideas for my paintings. Over the years I have taken many photos of houses from all over the US and Canada. Jumping out of the car to take a photo while my poor husband patiently waits can be a challenge. Doing a painting from a photo requires closeups and as you can see from the photo below that this was such a large house that I taped two photos together. This elaborately detailed victorian house is located nearby in Lexington, MO. Lexington has been a great source for old civil war homes. The courthouse in this beautiful town has a canonball stuck in one of the huge columns. I must get back to photograph it sometime. I hope to paint this great house as a winter scene, but for my book, Charming Village Scenes You Can Paint, I needed a summer scene. I painted this house on a curved front cabinet in the picture below.

I believe this photo (below) was taken in Saratoga Springs where I was teaching a seminar. This house was painted on a lap desk which was also featured in my post about crackling.
Over the years I have received photos from people all over the country of houses they thought I would enjoy. Someone also sent me books of victorian houses. It's been such a joy to paint different styles of homes from across the US and Canada and a pleasure to teach seminars to all the wonderful students I've had over the past 25 years.


  1. Your work is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing how you create your beautiful paintings.

    I just wanted to let you know that even though I can't paint a stroke in real life that I do create digital art and your beautiful house paintings have inspired me to create digital folk art in Photoshop. Take care. Dani

  2. The homes are beautiful and your work is fabulous, Catherine!


  3. Your work is amazing. You need to to a drive by painting post with the drive by originals side by side for my Drive Bys around the world next time!



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