Monday, June 23, 2008

Chocolate, Banana, Coconut Cream Pie

I made this pie for my husband on Father's Day. It's one of his favorites. As I sit here eating the last piece, I've noticed that the bananas haven't even darkened. How lucky am I? I know I should have saved the last piece for my husband, but he's so bad about leaving the last piece of pie, cake, or the last cookie until it's no good any longer; and I not ever wanting anything to go to waste generally end up eating it. Now I know why none of my summer clothes fit this year!
Even though this recipe calls for a deep dish Pet-Ritz pie crust, I prefer the refrigerated pie crusts that you can put in your own pie plate. They really do taste like homemade when you're in a pinch.
Hope everyone can read my handwriting!
Sorry about the mistake when I tried to write the word "chocolate". This is my favorite thing to eat and just the mere mention of the word causes my hand to shake.


  1. Oh Catherine!! This looks fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing with us :) My husband will love it too!


  2. YUMMY!!!! That sounds soooo good. Thanks for sharing your recipe...

    I am going to be home on Wed....and I am looking forward to you know what....

  3. That sounds absolutely delicious!!

    kari & kijsa


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