Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chocolate Cake Folk Art Painting

I seem to be on a dessert binge lately and chocolate is my favorite! These are so much fun to paint so watch out. I listed this little painting on eBay this evening.

This is my chocolate dream come true! A deep dark chocolate cake iced with mocha chocolate frosting is decorated with piped blue dots. This delectable dessert sits atop a white decorative cake stand and the letters "CHOCOLATE" are painted in blue and drizzled with chocolate frosting.

Check out my new eBay header for my delicious dessert paintings!


  1. Catherine, these are darling! I know what you mean, I have been on a cupcake kick lately with my decorating! I am looking for the perfect fram for my Canterbury Cupcakes print :)


  2. Love your chocolate cake painting and all the yummy desserts you painted! How cute.

    Also, the pie in the previous post looks absolutely DELISH! I must try it!


  3. Oooo Yummy!!! I think and I are on the same wavelength lately. I've been painting pastries and yummies too. Isn't it fun?

    And your husband is right... an Apple would be great for you artwork. I can't believe how much better my work looks on the Apple display.

    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage


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