Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Step by Step Painting

Check out my previous post for the first three steps to painting windows.
Step Four: Using a #2 flat, I have floated gathers in my curtains with Heritage Blue in the right window. In the center window I've started painting the window pane lines by painting the center line first. Paint these lines with thinned Butter Cream and a 10/0 liner. In the left window, I've painted two lines above the center line and two below the center line.Step Five: Paint two vertical lines with thinned Butter Cream and a 10/0 liner. Click on this photo to see a closeup of the detail. In the closeup you can see that I've painted a thin line of Heritage Blue below each Butter Cream line and to the right of each pane line. This helps to separate the pane lines from the curtains since they are the same color.
Step Six: I've decided to add a couple other steps as a sample. Here I have painted the remaining windows and doorway with Butter Cream. Remember to use a brush that fits the area being basecoated. I used a #16 flat in the upper windows and a 3/4 inch wash brushes for the lower windows and doorway. It takes fewer coats of paint if you use a larger brush.
Step #7: On each side of the lower windows, I've painted the shutters with black using a #16 flat. For the upper floor shutters I used a #12 flat and black. Using thinned black paint, I outlined the upper edge of the doorway.
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This is where I'm at on this painting and should be finishing it up today. I need to add more landscaping and who knows what else. It always comes to me as I'm painting. In this photo you can see that I've started painting a small pond below what looks like a fountain. I'm seriously thinking about changing this to more flowers and the center item will become statuary. Remember, there are lots of choices and possibilities when painting. This is where your creativity really comes out!

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  1. Wow, it's coming along nicely! I love the big house.


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