Monday, March 17, 2008

The Anticipation of Spring

I am really looking forward to getting out in my yard and playing in the dirt. This time of year I just can't wait for the garden centers to open.
This little fairy garden is just inside my back gate. I just love this pink columbine with the pleated petals. I'm so excited to see if it comes back this year.Last year we lost this beautiful red leafed redbud tree. We had a terrible late spring frost and lost several things. But, losing this tree was devastating to my shade garden. I had to move a lot of these hostas to different locations. We have replaced it with a weeping cherry tree so I'll be curious to see it bloom this spring.
This is my garden a little later in the summer with blooming cone flowers and black eyed susans. Cleome always selfs seeds everywhere in my garden too.

I've added more new cards to my eBay auctions and Etsy store so stop by!


  1. I love your garden! I, too, am anxious to start working in my garden. It is my favorite place to be. :-) Rosie

  2. I love playing in the dirt too! Love your garden! It's terrible when you lose a tree or a large plant ~ we lost several big bushes during the drought last summer that I've since replaced.
    Looking forward to more gardening!

  3. Catherine, your garden is amazing! Absolutely beautiful.

    Are you having as much rain as we are? We are so happy to see the moisture, but sad to see the flooding in our beautiful state.


  4. Catherine,
    Oh how beautiful your garden. It's is just beautiful!


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