Thursday, March 27, 2008

Day Three of Give Away

Day three and titles are still coming in for this new painting. Remember, to enter you must scroll down to my "Give Away" post and leave your idea for a title for this painting. The winner gets to pick four blank cards from my Etsy shop. I will announce the winner on Friday. So, get your title in quickly.
The painting is finally finished! Maybe this photo will help those that are still having a difficult time with a title. I will be listing this painting on eBay on Sunday evening. It's been fun. Check back Friday to see who the winner is.


  1. I love it Cathie! I like that you decided to put the flowers and statuary in the front of the house instead of the pond. Very pretty!

  2. The finished painting is great Cathie!! I love it... I love the boxwood hedge in the front.

  3. Wonderful painting, Catherine.

    I have noticed something, maybe I'm wrong: all the objects, trees, etc. in your paintings have a shadow, but houses don't. I personally like that, otherwise the overall impression would be of a cluttered/dark space whereas it is very light without the shadows.

    I find your pictures so nice I even have used one as wallpaper for my PC so I can see it everyday and all day long! :-)

    La Rochelle, France


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