Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Sunlight Patterns

The sun shining through the windows on the front of our house in the mornings brightens my day even if the high for today is only in the 40's.

Loving the light shining in the entry on my newly refinished floors.  I can't make myself put a rug down because they tend to darken the floors.  Most people come to our back door anyway.  I may eventually add a rug.  It's kind of like hammering nails into newly painted walls.  

Lovely dappled light shines through my lace curtain.

Bright light always streams through my art room window on the second floor and spills onto whatever I'm painting.  It feels good to paint!
Are you a morning person?


  1. You do have beautiful light streaming into your home. I am jealous of your studio.

  2. The floors are beautiful as are the rooms. Such nice light in your studio...very important I am sure.


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