Friday, April 17, 2020

New Summer Folk Art Painting

I've put this off long enough and it's time to get down to business!  While a lot of you have been busy spring cleaning and reorganizing, I've been busy working on a new painting.  I have done enough cleaning and organizing to last me for a while now after having the floors refinished and the countertops replaced.  

It's always hard for me to get started painting once I've been away from it for a while.  My sister and I used to take turns visiting our mother in the nursing home every other day.  Since we aren't allowed to do that now, I've decided to try to get my mind off of it for a few hours each day.  I painted this on a fireplace screen years ago that I sold to a dear friend and thought this might just be the perfect way to get going again.  I really don't like painting the same thing twice, but this has been fun for some reason.

Winter and fall scenes always sell the best, but due to the Corona Virus, I needed to paint a summer scene with some sunshine.  I'm seriously ready to get out in my yard again to do some planting once this dreary weather clears up.  I haven't seen any flowers for sell locally except for pansies so I got online to order some flower seeds.  We'll see how well that works for me.  Have you been able to buys plants?

I'll keep you posted on how this painting is coming along!  Let me know how you're doing and how you're keeping yourself busy.

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  1. That painting is going to be so charming. I have to get back to painting too. I just feel so sad about everything that is going on. I did order tomato plants and basil plants from Burpee and hopefully they will arrive in the next week.


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