Sunday, March 29, 2020

Refinishing Our Hardwood Floors

 Life has changed so much this year.  Back in the middle of January we had our floors refinished in the dining room, entry, and living room.  We lived like hoarders for a little over a week with all our furniture piled up in the kitchen and the family room.  It was crazy trying to watch our KC Chiefs win the Super Bowl over the piled up mess.  We rearranged everything so that we had full view of the  television screen.  What an amazing game!

I must say that I'm so happy we went through this ordeal and that it's over!  It's an amazing difference.  I will never let them get this bad again.  It was practically dust free!  The only dust we really had were from the boards that had to be pulled up and replaced.  

This is what Daisy thought about it.    We found a wonderful dog sitter just down the road from us and she stayed there for a few days while they were applying the varnish.  Thanks Marianna!  

Have you gone through this process before?  I must say I was amazed we were able to stay in our house every night and just left during the day to help work on our daughter and son in law's new home.  

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