Wednesday, March 25, 2020

It's Mom's Fault

This happened last night.

I had moved my yarn basket to my art room because Daisy is obsessed with yarn.  I keep the door closed.  If I leave it open while I'm painting, she sneaks in quickly and grabs a skein while I'm painting.  Apparently after cleaning up my brushes last night, I forgot to close the door.  Rick is telling her that this is not acceptable and she listens to him intently.  She also loves to tear up all the yarn labels.  I do keep my expensive yarn in a box that she can't get into.

Daisy told Rick, "In all fairness, it's Mom's fault.  She left the door open!"  She's your basic two year old.  
How's your self isolation going?

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  1. I see lots of yarn detangling in your future.😁 How sweetly she listens to her papa, but do you suppose that she has made the connection? Ha! Here’s to remembering to shut the door.


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