Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Chalk Art and Chalkboard Markers

Recently I was contacted by the company Chalkola asking if I would be interested in trying their chalk markers and give them a review.  Just to let you know up front, Chalkola provided the markers but my opinions are my own.    Guess what?  I loved them!

The colors are bright, including some neon chalkboard markers and they are easy to clean off.  I used them on a surface that I painted with chalkboard paint and was concerned that they would be hard to remove.  I've had trouble with other brands cleaning off.  I tested them in a tiny area and washed it off the next day with a damp cloth.  I had a cheap chalkboard that I bought at the craft section of a local shop and didn't have as much luck with it.  They do tell you to test it first though.  

Chalkola provided me with two different size markers and a nice set of chalk labels.  I prefer the smaller size markers, but children will love the fat ones I'm sure.  Teachers and moms will love using these with their children for art projects.  

These labels were perfect for my glass jars, but I could also use the chalk pens right on the glass.  

What I love about these labels is that they peel right back off.  You can take them off when  you need to wash the jars.

My favorite is the dog bone label!

All the markers can be used on non porous surfaces, glass, whiteboards, mirrors, plastics, chalkboards, and ceramics according to the information on the box of chalk markers.  

My handwriting with the large markers on the mirror isn't the greatest but I think Rick will get the idea anyway!

Try these on your next DIY project.  All the chalkboard markers are available on Amazon and Chalkola is giving my readers a 20% discount.  Use the links and discount codes provided:

20% Off on Amazon - Use Code -> CHK20OFF

20% Off on Amazon - Use Code -> CHALK20A


  1. Those look great, I have a few projects in mind!

  2. I love your artwork! Smart people to enlist you!

  3. Your writing is much better than mine! ;)

    I have a few labels that came with a marker, but I didn't like the marker. I'll have to try these.

    I hope your ankle is better. It sounds like something I would do.

    hugs to you,

  4. How fun these are...I'm not very crafty and my writing is now what it used to be...:(
    Love your great photos...and your header is so cute. :)


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