Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Beginning of a New Autumn Folk Art Village Scene

My husband and I have been busy working on his office which will be on the third floor of our home.  It originally was an attic and the family we bought the house from turned it into a play room for their children.  Our son, Eric, used it as his bedroom through high school and college.  He now owns his own home so we took a while to decide what to do with this space.  It had become a junk room where we stored things instead of getting rid of them.

Rick has quite a collection of albums and will be turning it into his "listening room and office".  We are still busy working on "his room" so I haven't had much time for creativity, but I have managed to work a little on this new autumn painting.   I will be working on rearranging, painting, and decorating my room hopefully soon so that I can get back to painting every day.  I'm really missing it!


  1. Sounds awesome! I love the new painting:)

  2. Sounds as if Rick's space in the atticis going to be very special. I love the idea of his listening to his album collection. Hope that you are able to eke out the time to do what you love! Cozy painting!

  3. That new painting looks wonderful, although I'm a bit biased ;)

    I'm sure he'll enjoy his new room. I wish I had a place for Mr. Man. Oh wait, I do. It's called the garage :p

    hugs to you,


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