Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Go Royals!

I apologize for being more excited about baseball than painting, but this is what we are doing.  This photo is from one of the playoff games.  We'll be watching the games and cheering in front of our t.v.!  Our kids, Amber and Eric came over last night to watch the game with us.  Our good friend, Mark, joined us as well as we stayed up stressing out for 14 innings!  Way to go Royals!

This painting is traveling today to it's new home Pennsylvania:

"Beekeeper's Cottage"


  1. What a great picture! My son is a Mets fan. Became one way back when the Mets last won the World Series when he was just a whippersnapper. He says he's exhausted! That must mean that it's a good series. =D

  2. What a wonderful painting! I don't care about baseball one bit, sorry.


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