Friday, October 23, 2015

Autumn Wreath

This is my husband's idea of a fall wreath.  Although right now I have to admit that I really like it!  I'm not sure who you're cheering for in tonights game at Royal Stadium, but I know who we are rooting for.  We did wake up to gentle rain this morning so I'm hoping it stops before game time.

We'll be watching the game from here though and this room is a mess right now.  Last weekend we ripped out the carpet because my sinuses couldn't take it any more.  Every time I sat down in the room to watch t.v. I couldn't breath.  Watching the ball games with no oxygen getting through just increases the stress load.  

Needless to say the floors underneath are in pretty bad condition and we will need to have them refinished or replaced.  I'll keep you updated on that.  This was the only carpet left in the house and even though the floors look bad, I'm breathing a little easier for the game tonight!


  1. I would sand and refinish the floors. Although they're not in the best condition, I think it's worth a try. But you know me with my weird ideas of saving old things, so feel free to ignore me LOL

    I loved your last two paintings and the stories with them. Cute puzzle too!


  2. I want to rip out my carpet because of the endless spills and accumulating spots. I am afraid of what lies beneath! I hope yours can be refinished, but new is nice too. Your family is so handy! Alexine in Maryland


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