Monday, October 7, 2013

Trick or Treat Halloween Cupcake Painting

This new Halloween painting is finished and up for auction on eBay.  

Decorate your home for Halloween with this colorful cupcake print. A yellow cupcake is topped with creamy orange butter cream frosting decorated with green piped decorations. A piece of candy corn sits on top of the yummy frosting and a tag attached to the side of the cupcakes says "Boo". Green "Trick or Treat" letters are dripping with orange frosting and a black and white checkerboard border is painted around the scene.

We had our new front door cut to fit yesterday and that's what I'll be painting this week.  It will be great to have a snug door to keep the winter chill out!  My entry looks so inviting with a door propped on saw horses.  Hopefully, once it's finished, I'll get my autumn decorations out.


  1. Love your cupcake painting. Now I want to go out and buy some candy corn :-)

  2. Yes, why is it that your paintings so often set off hunger pangs?!

    A snug new front door before winter sounds smart to me! Now I am wondering what color you will choose. Don't be like me and let the Sherwin Williams guy choose for you, though I'm often told that he did a fine job. Ha! If he only painted...


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