Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Cabin in the Woods and A Giveaway Winner

This past weekend we went with our family to Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  This is what welcomed us as we entered our cabin.

The owners had the mantle and the deer decorated for Halloween.  What a great weekend!  I'll share more photos with you in the next post of all the beautiful scenery.

Before I forget though, I want to announce the winner of my print giveaway.  Two ladies came so very close to getting all the differences between the two prints, but the winner is Susie.
 The only thing you left out were the extra leaves that were scattered on the two large houses.  Susie please leave me a comment with your email or email me with your address.  


  1. Congrats to Susie on winning. 'Love the cabin and its decor. Arkansas is truly a beautiful place :)

  2. What a neat place! Of course, I'm partial to Arkansas....it's where I was born and raised! Congrats to Susie! How neat! Sweet hugs, Diane

  3. Congrats to Susie!

    Your post reminded me of a very pleasant day spent in Eureka Springs when I was still a teenager. My college chum and I took off on an adventure in the spring of 1973. Ackkk...that dates me. We had a beautiful day and I loved seeing how beautiful and totally charming Eureka Springs is. (Have I told you this before? The rememberer is stressed. LOL)


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