Thursday, July 11, 2013

Montgomery Ward Chair Trash to Treasure

Just in case you think that bloggers have got it all together, let me give you a little background on this project.  I started this back in January and this is July.  I'm very good at putting things off, also known as procrastinating.
I usually finish my projects once I start them, but will make no promises as to when that will be.
Here is the chair that was given to me by a dear friend.  I have a collection of chairs that come in handy when we have a large dinner and I run around the house collecting them to put around our dining table.

This chair closely matches my buffet which I hope to paint sometime in the future.  (Note the Christmas decorations on the buffet.  I told you I procrastinate.  This photo was taken in early January.)

My husband had to cut a new plywood seat.  Even though this one was terribly cracked it was sturdy (more likely petrified) beyond belief.  But, to be safe we replaced the wood.

This is the Mongomery Ward tag that was attached to the bottom of the seat.

If you read my blog you know that the table did get finished way before this chair and I blogged about it here.

This was the dingy/dirty chair cover that I removed.

Nasty/stinky padding was removed.

I used left over fabric from my window coverings to replace the old chair fabric (please ignore the dirty window)...

and cut new padding...

The chair was painted as per the instructions for the side table above.  You can check out the link for the "Side Table Transformation" for that information.

I found some blue and white checked fabric napkins in my buffet that I used to cover the chair back and added a button in the center.
What do you think?  Should I paint the buffet?  What year do you think I might get that done?  

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  1. You did a wonderful job on that chair, which is a very pretty chair. You also did a great job on your window treatments. I've never had the guts to tackle something like that and I really like that material. Now I have painted several pieces of furniture and I like painting. But I've kept some nice classic pieces original. That is a beautiful buffet and it looks like it is in good shape. I'd think about it a long time. Just one opinion :D

  2. I love how your chair and that pretty little table turned out. Great job on both! Beautiful home too...and I LOVE your artwork! xo

  3. You are so clever, using napkins to cover the back of the chair. The chair is beautiful and you did a great job. I'm not sure I would paint the buffet. I think it's a lovely piece.

  4. Your chair turned out beautiful! Yes do paint your buffet for a new look, we all need new looks once in awhile!

  5. The chair looks great, Catherine! I have a buffet that I ponder painting, too. I'll keep watching to see what you do. ;) blessings ~ tanna


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