Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Last Cupcake Painting of the Year

Welcome and please come inside.  I want to share my final cupcake painting of the year with you.

This painting is listed on eBay.
Beautifully displayed on a three tiered stand are cupcakes and candies baked fresh daily. Yummy chocolate cupcakes with blue frosting, truffles, petit fours, and chewy caramel mini cupcakes are a treat for the eyes as well as the tummy.

This week I have been trying hard to get another painting listed on eBay and also had started another folk art scene. I felt like I was just rushing things.  Each day I would look at this cupcake painting and it didn't look completed to me.  Then all of a sudden it clicked and I added the candies tucked in between each cupcake.  I've got to learn to stop rushing just in order to get something up and listed to sell. 
I've also been struggling with the folk art painting that I started.  I've been wanting to paint this one on canvas for a very long time.  I don't usually repeat a painting, but when I first painted this scene I did it on a large metal tray that I display each Christmas.  Since it is round, I couldn't crop it for a print. 
It may be a Christmas scene, but I've decided to wait until after the holidays to continue working on it.  It needs time and I don't want to rush and mess it up.  It's one of my favorite all time scenes that I designed for my instruction book "A Village Christmas" that was published several years ago and is now out of print.

"Home for the Holidays"

The old woody, the little yorkie in the car, and this beautiful old Victorian house were so much fun to paint and I hope it will be just as much fun the second time around.
So, I'm taking my time with this one and will let you know when it's finished.  I want to learn to enjoy painting again and not rush things before they are truly finished...

and I want to take time to enjoy Christmas with my family, friends, and blogging buddies! 
Slow down....
Enjoy Christmas, celebrate Christ's Birthday and wish everyone you meet a very "Merry Christmas!"


  1. Oh I love that painting and I hope that you have a perfectly wonderful and relaxing time doing it in the bleak midwinter. ☺ You've given excellent advice here, Catherine. When the joy begins to dwindle, it's time to disentangle.

  2. Oops...meant to say that the final cupcakes came out beautifully. Now if only they were real and I could reach out and have one right now!

  3. Oh I love these kinds of paintings.. the beautiful big old victorian with the muted colors against the snow. It just speaks to my soul. The only thing better would be if I lived in a house like that and hosted lots of big gatherings with all the family, friends and neighbors the house could hold, roaring with good conversation and laughter. Best Christmas wishes to you and your family Catherine.

  4. I love those cupcakes! and, yes, those sweet little candies are a perfect addition.

    That tray painting is amazing. I love it. What do you mean you couldn't crop it for a print? There is no law that says you can't have a round print, is there? ha. It would fit in a square frame!

  5. Catherine, the cupcakes are fabulous as is the 2nd painting as well. Love the victorian home and the woodie as well.

    I have this happen too sometimes, I feel like I'm rushing or something is just not right. I think our paintings always tell us what to do next and it is just up to us to listen. Sometimes I also have to take a break, step back and put something down until the time is right.

    Beautiful work all in your one post.


  6. The candies are the PERFECT "icing on the cake." LOL! What a wonderful way to usher in Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to you my wonderful friend!



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