Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Decorating Fireplace Mantels For Christmas

I've decorated this mantel twice already.  Am I the only person who does this?

While going through boxes I came across these new little trees that I bought on sale after Christmas last year.  The sales lady gave me a funny look when I plopped 15 of these sweet little trees on the counter.   So, I took the garland off that I had used for years and put up my little forest on the mantel, saving a few for other areas of the house.  

This is actually a faux marble fireplace that I painted on the wall.  The only real fireplace in this house is directly behind the same wall in the family room.  You can go through either doorway into that room.

I've always wanted to hang my stockings from this fireplace, but it's a huge stone mantel and there is no way to attach them.  I've tried the adhesive strips, but they won't stick to it.  The stocking holders that sit on top of a mantel don't look rustic enough with this fireplace.  I'm up for any ideas if you have any.  I've tied them to the garland before, but I'm not crazy about that either.  Picky, picky......

This is my husband's old truck that he played with as a child.  It's old and rusty and is hauling a load of Christmas trees. 

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Catherine Holman


  1. Catherine, I must say I am loving the forest on the mantel. I'd love to find those trees in Australia.
    A Christmas decorating mood struck me yesterday, but it came combined with a 'let's move all the furniture in the house around' mood as well.
    Not sure its such a great combination!

    The hand painting on the walls fits in so well. Looks great.

  2. Both mantels and rooms are lovely!

  3. Wow Catherine, your faux marble fireplace is fabulous. I had no idea it wasn't real until I read your post. Beautiful work. Love the paintings on the wall as well.


  4. I love your faux fireplace! But that real one is so awesome. Wow. Now, have you thought about maybe using branches from a tree to lay on the mantle and hang the stockings? Or a small log to sit up on the flat end, maybe cut a notch out of it so it sits over the edge of the mantle and hang the stockings on? I don't know about you, but as a child, our stockings only hung on the mantle until Christmas Eve, and when we woke up Christmas day, they were so stuffed, that they were nicely laid out on the floor under the tree, too heavy to hang anymore. ha.

  5. and good grief, I spelled mantel wrong. ha.

  6. OH my goodness!!! I love both your fireplaces....and I love your home....
    So amazing! I want to live at your house.
    Sending love and hugs, Elizabeth

  7. I so love the stone fireplace, stunning indeed.
    I would not hang any stockings from it if it were me, leave as is!
    Love the lil ole truck.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Thank you for sharing your home! It's just lovely!


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