Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wickford Village Halloween ll Original Folk Art Painting

This painting is one of my most popular prints

But, I painted this a few years ago before I had my new camera and I'm not very satisfied with the quality of this photo.  I'm not sure who bought this painting, so I decided to repaint it.
As I was painting, I made a few changes because I hate dislike painting the same thing twice.

Thus was born:
(for sale on eBay)

Nothing like the movie, this quaint little painting includes smiling jack o lanterns, loving neighbors, and a safe place to trick or treat. 

Smoke stirs in the air along with the scent of crisp autumn leaves in the Village of Wickford. Tired children drop off to sleep after a busy evening going door to door for treats. Another Halloween has come and gone as jack-o-lanterns burn one last time lighting up the cold crisp evening. Mrs. Prittle has freshed up the outside of home with a lovely shade of dusky purple paint. Her neighbor, Anne, not having quite the courage of her dear friend, decided to use the same color on her front door.

I would love to rephotograph the original if possible because I used the same greens on the hills in both paintings.  As you can see, even the color didn't photograph true to life in the first one.  I'm amazed at what my new camera can capture.  When I look at the photograph of the new painting on actual pixels (huge) in photoshop, it shows little imperfections that can't be seen in the actual painting.  I love my new camera!  I use a tripod and manual setting when photographing my artwork.

Witch Which one do you prefer Wickford Village Halloween or Wickford Village Halloween ll?

Catherine Holman


  1. i enjoy both. i prefer the 2nd for the Halloween season due to the darker colors. more fallish. so fun! (:

  2. I love them both. I adore your work!

  3. I prefer the second and I knew that you were going to ask and you'll be surprised why (I think). I like that the smoke from the chimneys is more billowy and I like the pop of purple on the house in front.

  4. Incredibile prints, one of a kind.

  5. The paintings are so pretty. You are a talented painter...Sometimes I wish I could paint or sing or something! :)

    Please stop on over and visit me soon.

  6. I love the dark night in the village! What a pretty scene!

    Have a great day rock star!

  7. I love the second one best! I like the muted color of the just looks darker!


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