Thursday, November 8, 2012

What's on my paint table you ask.....

Well, maybe you didn't ask, but here it is.  I'm working on a new little (8 x 10) Christmas painting.  I just had to.  I adore painting Christmas scenes.  I also have plans for a 16 x 20 Christmas scene soon.  Hopefully this little painting will be up for auction on eBay on Friday evening, or sooner. 
Each morning I get up bright and early and then the day takes a completely different turn from what I had planned.  Am I the only one this happens to?

Catherine Holman


  1. Happens all the time!!!

    I'll be anxious to see this new Christmas pic!

  2. I love all of your paintings and very happy that I have one of your Christmas scenes...

  3. I love Christmas scenes too, waiting for next step

  4. Oh, that is already looking sweet.mvan't wait to see finished product. And, no, you are not the only one

  5. That's going to be a great one. Do you listen to Christmas music while you work on it? Somehow I'm hoping that you do...

  6. Oh! This is so lovely and serene! I just love winter and christmas landscapes. And this one is just beautiful~

  7. Hi Catherine, I'm loving this one, very pretty...It says "Silent Night" to me when I see it.

    To answer your question from last week, yes, my husband and I are moving to Orlando and we're really thrilled about it. It is a move we've been long wanting to make but we had to wait until Chris retires. We have a while to go, will not be moving til next May as that is the first we can leave but we're getting everyting set up for then, including buying the house now as well.



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