Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Still Finishing my Autumn Folk Art Painting

Remember when I showed you the beginning of my new painting?
I started with the sky and lots of clouds...

The ground area was painted and then the house was started....

A light comes on in a window and details are started on the house...

The house is completed and ready for landscaping.....

Here is where the painting is at now as I take a break to watch tonight's debate......

Touch up, fine details, and cleanup to come...

I will finish this week, list my painting on Ebay, and share the final painting here.

By the way, this house is from Long Island and I believe that's where the debate is tonight. 

Catherine Holman


  1. I love your header! And - your painting is wonderful! In fact, I've loved everything I have seen that you have done!

  2. OMG so beautiful as usual ^.^

  3. It is allways great to see your work in process.
    Your art is so inspiering.
    Have a great week

  4. I just love it. Especially on my wall. :)

  5. I want to live in that house! What a wonderful piece Cathy.

  6. Hi Katherine,
    What a great and fun talent you have, the fall house is adorable!

  7. Stunning, Cathie!!! Simply stunning! Makes me want to take a drive on over to that gorgeous home with a cup of Pumpkin Latte in hand and enjoy a spell - just rocking away on that front porch. (*sigh*)

  8. Hi Catherine! Thanks for stopping by my place and your kind comments about my Autumn florals from my friend's garden. It would appear that the colors in my florals are on your list of palette colors for this latest masterpiece of yours. I marvel at your detail - LOVE your village scenes! Thanks for sharing the process - fascinating!!

  9. Catherine, It is such a pleasure to find you via Vee's blog. I have had the most fun looking through your etsy shop this a.m. My Christmas list is getting shorter thanks to you! Mildred


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