Thursday, October 18, 2012

Come and Join Me For Front Row Seats at Wingate Place

It's finished!!  I just listed my new painting on eBay:

A few things were added since the last post and a few things were cleaned up. 
We should play that game where you try to circle all the things that are different.  There really aren't that many though.  I did add some white pumpkins to the top of each post on the fence. 

"Front Row Seats at Wingate Place"

Sitting on the porch at Paulette and Don's home, guests get a front row seat to the most amazing show around and it's in color (blazing vibrant color). The rockers are more comfortable than theatre seating. Home baked goodies made by Paulette are better than buttered popcorn. For those popcorn enthusiasts, popcorn balls are sitting on a platter in the kitchen as well. Blankets are at the ready for those who are chilly. You don't have to be quiet or whisper. In fact conversation goes well with after dinner coffee or spiced cider. Turning off your cell phones is encouraged though or you might get one of Paulettes stares (you know the ones your mother used to give you).

I always paint my originals on 1 1/2 inch deep, staple free canvas.

The scene wraps around the edges on all four sides.

I've been thinking about changing to a regular 3/4" canvas that would fit into a frame.  I don't know if people prefer to frame paintings or not to frame them.  What do you think?

Catherine Holman


  1. Your Fall scenes are definitely some of my favorites! The colors are so rich and beautiful! I like having your art framed in my home but either is wonderful! Happy Fall! Oh...and I love the white pumpkins! They are so popular this year!

  2. Oh I don't have an answer for that. All my canvases, even stretch ones like that, are framed. I had one that wasn't and I would have appreciated the color being wrapped around the edges as you do. It gives people options. This painting turned out so beautifully!

  3. Can I make a reservation for one of this chairs?
    Thi is a lovely place. I would like to get into that picture

  4. Catherine, this is gorgeous...I love it. I love the design wrapped around the edges. Well, I love the deep gallery canvas, it is all I will ever use. I don't even buy artwork anymore that needs or comes with a frame, I love the modern updated look of gallery canvas, not fussy at all. Frames to me are a thing of the past, in my home anyway. I've actually not bought paintings because they were framed, I always ask the artist if they have pieces on gallery canvas. Just my 2 cents on what I like anyway.


  5. Your Fall painting turned out beautiful! I'm thinking a standard three-fourths would give the customer the option of going either way.

  6. Oh my...I love this one...well you know me I love all your art! I really love the leaves and the way the pumpkins wrap around to the bottom of the painting...I like the paintings without frames the best.
    I received my order...thank you!!!! I went to have it framed like the rest of them and the frame shop (Aaron Brothers) was out of the frame and didn't know when they were going to get more in, so know I am waiting to see they do get any more. I think I just might have to get creative.
    I want to get it up on the wall.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  7. I came here from Vee's blog and have loved seeing your work. I also think your pink countertops look great in your kitchen ... they add character I think.

    I also see a lot more wall hangings that are not framed. Seems to be a trend. If I had that "Front Row Seats" I would not put it in a frame. It's too cool the way you painted on the sides of the canvas and I would want that seen!

  8. Vee ("A Haven For Vee") sent me over... What a beautiful blog you have! And what a talented lady you are.

    Plus, I love to see pics of the inside of blogger's nests. :-)


  9. Good morning ~ I hopped over from Vee's. Love your work, especially the cupcake collection (:


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