Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Garden Whimsy and Plain Hard Work

Recently I noticed the seat on my bicycle that sits in my garden was looking more than a little shabby.  With all the colorful yarn that I keep stashed in a basket, I decided to crochet a slip cover.  It blends in so nicely that it's hard to tell the flowers from the seat cover.

The basket on my bike is full to overflowing with blooms!  I used the "bloom" tool on Picmonkey to edit these two photos.

As for the hard work mentioned in the title, I'm painting my kitchen cabinets.  In this photo I have primed and today I got one coat of paint on this section including all the doors and drawers.  I can't put the second coat on until tomorrow because it needs to dry for 16 hrs. before a second coat.  This is the most amazing paint, unless something happens between now and the next coat.  I'm using Benjamin Moore Advance Waterborne Alkyd.  It's hard like an oil, but cleans with soap and water.  It also smooths out beautifully with very few brush marks.  There is almost no smell too!
Don't you just love the harsh lighting from the bare bulbs!  Remember the light fixture episode from an earlier post.  We are still looking for a new glass shade replacement.  I also plan to spray paint those brass fixtures if I don't have to replace them. 
What's for supper honey?

Catherine Holman


  1. I'm taking notes. I bought my kitchen cabinet paint elsewhere and I hate the stuff. So if this is as easy as possible and looks good on completion, I'll be heading to Benjamin Moore.

    The bike seat is cute as cute can be and I think PicMonkey is pretty cool. Love the glow of your photos.

  2. Aren't you the clever one! That crocheted bike seat is just so pretty! I just heard thunder! Please Lord, let it rain.

  3. Painting kitchen cupboards has to be the most work, all that emptying, and door knobs and stuff. Bravo for taking on such a task in this heat. I do love your light bulb. Just kidding. Love the crochet seat cover. Aren't you clever, but I already knew that. Don't over do it.

  4. Only you.....only you! I love the crocheted seat for the bike! Great inspiration!

    Have a wonderful and blessed day!

  5. OH, that crocheted seat! I love it. I have been planning for ages to crochet some tops for my kitchen stools. ONe day......

    On the cupcake note however, I havent been painting any, but, I did make some cupcake soaps. Very cute.


  6. Dear do you have idea make a post cards with your cupcakes? It will be great!!!!!

  7. Oh my stars..your crochet seat cover is so yarn cute...and so creative of you! (but of course)
    I love it! I can't wait to see your kitchen cabinets, I would really love to paint mine, but Gary likes the oak wood as is. I keep trying to convince him, he will brake one day..LOL..
    Have a sweet day sending you hugs, Elizabeth

  8. hi again: Hope you've got your cabinets finished and on to something else. Want to innvite you to come lookaat myn new blog and read the story of the cottage. My 1st blog would love a visit too

  9. Hi Cathie, love the crochet seat cover for your bike! It's so colorful, and your flowers are beautiful. Good luck painting your kitchen cupboards. It always seems cupboards take so long.



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