Friday, April 27, 2012

My Secret Garden

This is my secret garden surrounded by a privacy fence and very few people get to see.

We live in an older home and the soil is very black dirt.  The yard at our previous home was hard clay and I had a very difficult time learning to garden.

I still don't know much about gardening, other than digging a hole and sticking a plant in it.  What I do know is that good dirt makes all the difference.

I love how my neighbor, Betty's, cottage peaks up over my fence in the photo below. 

I'm a lazy gardener and don't like to do a lot of digging to start a new flower bed.  Most of my beds were started by laying several layers of newspaper on top of the grass and covering it with about 3 inches of cypress mulch.  Next year the grass and newspaper will be gone and I can plant my flowers. 

We are still getting temps in the 30's on some evenings which is scary when so many of my plants bloomed so early this year.  How is your garden doing this spring?


  1. Your garden is so pretty. In this rental, there really is no garden...we are in the middle of a forest. There are some irises and holly.

  2. I love your garden. I no of what you speak, I have horrible clay, I've been amending the soil for some 25yrs. and it's still horrible. But I do have a few plants going well, I guess they like the horrible environment. My garden is not so good, the squirrels stole most of my tulips, which is maddening, I had such a lovely crop last spring. Out of 120 bulbs I have 7 or maybe 8 growing. I'd never tried the newspaper method, but it sounds interesting, I'm a fool and I dig, and put all kinds of soil and compost and plant. Now how is the rest of my garden, well we've had snowflakes this week, so the magnolia is now not blooming anymore, the blooms went brown, the tulips are in a quiet area so they look o.k. but I'm not sure about my pond, One think is for sure, spring will COME. Enjoy your garden, we did.

  3. çokkkk güzellll!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This secret garden area is adorable!!

  5. Catherine, your garden is truly beautiful. I think I love it all the more because it is a secret garden...I would love to have one when we that is just for Chris and I and whatever guests we decide to invite in.

    My garden is in desperate need of weeding I'm afraid and because it is out in the open...well, everyone can see it needs weeding. : ) Things are popping up though and I'm looking forward to blooms soon.


  6. What a beautiful, tranquil space!

    I will be having a Mother's Day giveaway this next Friday with glimpses of whats up for grabs all this week. :)

  7. Oh my stars....your garden is so beautiful in every way! Gary and I have been wanting to put a court yard in front since we have a corner house, then we could plant a beautiful garden like yours. It looks so peaceful, its just amazing, I love it!
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  8. I Love Secret Gardens! Your pink rose is beautiful! My flowers are early this year too! I just come in from sitting in mine for a spell. There were 7 of us! 3 cats on the table, 1 in a chair and 2 dogs close by me. The secret is out!

  9. Catherine, You secret garden is absolutely fabulous! I could live there forever...I'm now following you and will definitely be coming back!


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