Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Village of Stoney Point Tea Bag Box

This box was one of my projects from my first instruction book, The Village of Stoney Point.  It's one of my favorite pieces and was painted in 1993. 
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 Side view below.....

The hinges for the lid are two wooden pegs.

The inside has dividers so you can sort your tea bags by flavor, or use as an office organizer for paper clips, rubber bands, stamps, etc.

This piece has been loved, used, and traveled to trade shows and seminars. 
There are a few blemishes and some small places where the painted has rubbed off or chipped. It only adds to the character of the piece.

Catherine Holman


  1. I love it...soooo pretty!
    Have a sweet day, Elizabth

  2. What a beautiful piece, Cathie. I love the painted village.

  3. Catherine, I love this piece as well as the spaghetti holder, just wonderful.



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