Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bee Sweet Cupcake Painting & Music Room Mural

I added this little painting to my eBay auctions last night.
I've had two of these large bees flying all over my deck trying to get in the house and they gave me this cupcake idea. 

This cute little bee knows what's sweet and delicious when he sees it. Landing atop this lovely cupcake piped with aqua frosting, the "sweet" scent has brought a smile to his little face. Black and white checked ribbon is wrapped around the edges of the canvas and tied in a perky bow on top.

I came across this photo and wasn't sure if I had shared this with my readers.  I did this mural in a local home a few years ago.  The homeowner wanted me to paint this banner in her music room. 

It was fun to paint, but I'm not as good on ladders as I used to be!
Needless to say I don't do this anymore. 

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  1. What a cute cupcake!! I love the the mural too...

  2. That the bees gave you that cute idea is the least they could do for buzzing the deck. That is a sweet mural. (I don't blame you for not doing ladders anymore.)

  3. Really good jobs Catherine and the bee is really funny that reminds me the bees buttons added on a my 1st patchwork I have to show you that. Yur painting on the wall top is so great, bravo l'artiste! Doei claude

  4. Hello Catherine; I just love your paintings,, Bee Sweet cupcake is just beautiful.... I love the painted quote on your wall,,,, such a talented lady you are....

    Have a great weekend


  5. Wow- I think that quote on your wall is absolutely gorgeous ~ you are a very talented painter! :)

  6. That is the sweetest cupcake Catherine, lovely work.


  7. I am loving your summer cupcakes! To be honest ... they have inspired me to begin our summer planning! :)


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