Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Peanut Butter Cupcake Painting and Joplin, MO

My heart breaks for our neighbors to the south who lost so much during the devastating tornado that hit their town this past Sunday destroying their homes, businesses, hospitals, as well as lives of loved ones.
I listed this painting on eBay today and 100 percent of the proceeds will be donated through our church or one of the churches in Joplin that have worked tirelessly to help these victims. 

This extravagant dessert starts with a dark chocolate cupcake piled high with peanut butter frosting, hot fudge with sprinkles, and a frosted peanut butter cup topped with a juicy red cherry. This is truly a dessert dream come true!


  1. You are a sweetheart! I hope that someone is able to snap this right up knowing that it's going for such a good cause.

  2. So whimsical Catherine, love this one. My husband would love it in particular, he love peanut butter. Have a wonderful memorial day weekend.


  3. Bravo! It is heart breaking and every person that does such things is really making a difference. Hugs!

  4. Hey Catherine, I just did a little shout out to you and your art with a link to your site on my Facebook page. Check it out. Hugs!

  5. Cathy, how sweet of you. The cupcake painting is adorable.


  6. What a lovely cupcake and what a great cause! I was shocked by what happened in Joplin, even living in 'tornado alley.' we have close friends there, but thankfully their home was spared and they were able to take in others who had lost their homes. Great idea to auction some art!

  7. Dark chocolate is my favorite!
    Cute painting!


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