Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rainy Day Boots & Classic Cupcakes Painting

A while back I was reading Aunt Ruthie's Sugar Pie Farmhouse blog and she mentioned her chicken wellies that she got at Gardener's Supply.  These are seconds that they are selling for 1/2 price because the chicken design is a little stretched around the foot area.   I seem to have a wellie addiction!  Who knew there were so many cute designs?
These fit even better than my red and white polka dot wellies!  I parked them right beside my umbrella stand that I painted many moons ago.  Click on the photos for a closer view.
See the two little girls in the yellow and blue rain coats and umbrellas jumping in the puddles on the umbrella stand?
Tonight I listed this new cupcake painting, "Classic Cupcakes" on eBay.
Nothing beats the flavor of cupcake classics like chocolate with chocolate chip frosting, white with buttercream frosting, and a caramel center cupcake topped with caramel frosting and a drizzle of syrup!

Wish I had more time to paint because ideas are pumping into my little brain at lightening speed.  It will just have to wait because I'll be spending this week preparing for Easter dinner and the celebration of a risen Lord~

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  1. Those wellies are darling! I vaguely remember them being mentioned by Aunt Ruthie. She mentions a lot of great things...I'm looking at lanterns that she mentioned awhile ago. Hope that there haven't been too many showers to require the wellies much. They look sweet right there by the umbrella stand.

  2. They are very cute and every time it rains I wish I had a pair. ♥olive

  3. So cute! Love, love, love the chicken wellies. I may have to find me a pair:)

  4. So cute Cathy! We could really use those boots today!

    As always, I love your beautiful paintings.

  5. I have cherry wellies but those chicken wellies are callin my name

    Thank you for sharin Cathy!


  6. Never heard of these Catherine, they are so cute though. Love your new painting.


  7. Those boots are great! I've been wanting rain boots for a while, they're quite trendy. I haven't bought any because I wasn't sure how often I would actually wear them.

  8. Your umbrella- stand is faboulus.
    Your painted furniture is soooo beautiful.

  9. Those are the cutest boots. I need to get some around here with so much rain on and off. Our yard stays wet.
    thanks for joining WUW.

  10. Love your wellies, Cathie! And your umbrella stand painting and cupcake painting are both wonderful.


  11. YES, your umbrella stand is fabulous, and your wellies are great too. I've always wanted to paint one(the umbrella stand I mean)


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