Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cupcake Print Giveaway Udate

On my paint table you can see that my new painting is coming right along.  I've sort of painted myself into a corner with this giveaway.  The painting can't be listed on eBay until the giveaway is over because the title will be painted above the cupcake at the top of the canvas. 

At this point no one has gotten the answer correct.  So, please keep trying.  You can enter my giveaway here.


  1. How about Orange Blossom Special!! Love your paintings!

  2. This had me totally stumped. I am watching and reading comments with interest.

  3. Hi Catherine, Her's one from the UK, Citrus Fantasia, awesome painting by the way

  4. Let's see -

    Orange Berries

    Sunny Delight

    Pumpkin Spice

    Looking Great! - Susan

  5. Orange Blossom Special? Orangea glad I tried? ☺


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