Friday, March 25, 2011

Easter Peep Cupcake Painting

Back when my kids were wee little peeps their favorite treats were those sticky marshmallow delights.  Peeps now come in several colors.  I never understood the attraction, but to this day, my kids daughter and son still love them.
In honor of their love for peeps, I've painted this little cupcake and listed it on eBay.

This sweet yellow peep chirps away on top of this delightful cupcake, a charming decoration for Easter or a baby girl's room. The green and pink floral cupcake wrapper is the perfect attire for this tempting treat. Green and pink dotted grosgrain ribbon is wrapped around the edges of the canvas and tied in a perky bow on top.

Do you still make your adult children Easter Baskets?
I wonder if I should send my son some peeps since he's in Spain?
Do they have peeps in Spain?

Did you hide your kids Easter baskets so they could hunt for them or just the eggs?

Please remember the true meaning of Easter.  It's a very miraculous and joyous holiday!


  1. When little, the entire basket. When older, just the eggs. Would you believe that Peeps are my favorite Easter candy. I just enjoyed my first chocolate covered Peep tonight. I don't need another. This is a darling Peep cake.

  2. This is delightful. I'd love one, just no baby girls around.

  3. Yes, we do still get Easter baskets! We're always children at heart. That's the Lord in us all:)

  4. Too sweet to eat!
    Happy weekend

  5. This is such a cute cupcake! If my daughter was having a little boy in July I would have bought this for her nursery, but she is having a little boy.

  6. Hi Catherine, I love the easter paintings. Can I say, I'm right there with your kids on the peep thing....PEEPS ARE AWESOME. Every year I find myself buying a bunch in the grocery store. This year I just bought some purple....although, they do not last long enough for the colors to be admired. : ) So I guess, your peep painting is my very favorite. YUM!!


  7. Adorable!! Your art is really wonderful ♥

    We used to hide the whole baskets AND some plastic eggs with little suprises in them. Such fun!

    Happy Easter
    Smiles, Karen


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