Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Baking Cupcakes! Yikes!

I have officially blown my diet!  Today instead of painting cupcakes (I'm really waiting for canvas to arrive via UPS), I decided to try my hand at a recipe from one of my new favorite blogs, "Inside BruCrew Life".  I've been meaning to try these out for a few weeks now, but I didn't want to add back the pounds that I'd worked so hard to lose recently.  I stumbled upon Jocelyn's blog through another blog.  When I saw her creative cupcakes I was smitten!  Today I baked these little goodies and gobbled one down immediately.  These are a treat for tomorrow night's "craft night" and I didn't want to take the chance of feeding them something without trying it first.  Right?  What can I say?  I'm hooked on these yummy stuffed with goodness treats!!!  In the center is a peanut butter ball make with crushed Nutter Butter cookies, cream cheese, and peanut butter.

Check out the recipe on Jocelyn's blog here.

I wasn't sure if this was supposed to make a dozen, two dozen or just how many.  I ended up with 12 extra peanut butter balls.  Next time I won't fill the cupcakes so full and I should end up with 18-24.  Also, I didn't have the dark cocoa powder that she called for in the frosting.  I ended up using regular cocoa and wasn't happy with the flavor so I melted some semi-sweet chocolate baking squares and mixed that in.  Much better!  My frosting still didn't come out as dark as it should, but it tasted great.  
Tomorrow I'm back to painting my "calorie free tasty little bits of goodness"  and getting back on my diet!  
Please tell Jocelyn that I sent you by.  
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  1. Oh my goodness, these real life cupcakes look amazingly delish...
    OH you should paint these...cut in half with all the yummy goodness...OK now I want one for sure...LOL
    Have a sweet day, big hugs for you Elizabeth

  2. They look absolutely decadent. They sound even more so. Not sure that I should follow your link today, though I'm sure that I won't be able to help myself...

  3. These cupcakes are beautiful ! I cannot wait to try out the recipe. Thx for sharing :)
    Linda @ Lemon Drop

  4. OHH this looks so yummy,and if the very look at them makes me gain weight (hi hi)
    Have a great week

  5. The look delicious! But I am not going to try them, because I am trying to be healthier and not eat sugar or white flour.....I am tempted...lol

  6. Cathie, those cupcakes look so yummy!!

  7. Thank you so much for the shout out here on your blog! I am so happy that you like my "crazy" recipes. Your cupcake paintings are super adorable btw!!!

  8. Yes, I checked the rule book; it's imperative to eat a cupcake before sharing them.
    My Blog

  9. I just have to tell you that I'm in love with your red and white kitchen!

    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage


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