Monday, February 21, 2011

Vintage Finds and a New Folk Art Painting in Progress

I've probably shown you this table that I found at my neighbor's garage sale last summer.  I thought it would be beautiful painted and glazed to bring out the detail of the carving.  Well, here it still sits in the same worn condition that I found it in.
"I need more furniture", as the saying goes, "Like a hole in the head!"
But it would be beautiful painted.  Don't you think?  I have even considered painting it and doing a mosaic on the top with old dishes.

Saturday my husband left the house and came right back a few minutes later.  I assumed he had forgotten something.  Around the corner from our house he had seen a sign that read, "Fixin' to move sale".  He took a picture with his cell phone of some chairs that they were selling for $10.00 each.  We got in the suburban knowing full well that we were bringing these babies home with us.  The lady of the house had four of these and we bought them all.  Remember the old saying I mentioned above?  My excuse is that my children might want them for their home or my mother, my neighbor.....
You have to admit that they are a bargain.

Who buys 4 chairs like these?  I love the style and they could be recovered or I could make slipcovers.  The legs will definitely need to be painted or refinished.  They are in good enough shape to use as is, if I fix the legs.  Right now they are in three different rooms of our home.  I think I've talked myself into keeping two even though I really don't need them.  One of these days our son will move out and we might need them or he might need them or..... 
Wouldn't they be cute with slipcovers made from drop cloths with a cute pleated hem on the edge!  Those darn decorating blogs are causing this dilemma.

This painting is on my drafting table right now and it should be finished tomorrow.  I'm feeling a little more inspiration lately with the sun coming through the windows.
Our temperatures dropped from the 70's yesterday to the 30's today. How's your weather?   Does your creativity change with the weather?


  1. Cathie, I love that table! What a great bargain those 4 chairs were! Can't wait to see your new painting.

  2. Ohhh my! What a wonderful find! I know what you mean about those decorating blogs...bless them or blast them as the case may be.

    Yes, my frame of mind is usually directly linked to the weather. That's not a good thing.

    Enjoy your creative time...

  3. Well, you know I am voting for painting that table and adding mosaic china to the top!

    What great chairs. Can you make slip covers? I would love to be able to do that!!

  4. Ha ha ha, I know another saying.
    I need furniture, as much as a third shoulder. And I have an attic full of furniture wich wait for new fabric, paint and so on.
    Have a great week

  5. I agree with EVERYTHING you are saying. My son is moving to real apartment not student housing so he'll need some stuff, good thing I have too much. I think the table would look great with any of your suggestions, however if you just want to keep it stained and would like to just clean up your chair legs and table without refinishing, I could send you my recipe for wood polish, it great. I seems to just erase some scratches, and maybe it will be enough for you not to do too much, But the drop cloths sound fun.

  6. Great table! and I am waiting for what you are going to do with. Weather getting an impact on my way to work... yep... today I have to garden with a nice sun but freezing temperature.... Enjoy your day. I am waiting for the result of your painting as well, you have a great blog!! Doei, Claude

  7. That's a great old table, Cathie! I think it would look wonderful painted. Your chairs you picked up are great too. I had to smile when you said, You need more furniture like a hole in the head ~ that would be me!
    Can't wait to see your new painting!



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