Friday, September 10, 2010

Autumn Folk Art Painting

I'm having so much fun with my newest folk art scene.  I've had the windows open and there is the perfect cross breeze flowing through my paint room with nice cool temperatures.  This painting and the weather gives me the inkling to whip up some warm pumpkin bread.  I love this breezy, drizzly weather!  Autumn is definitely on the way and I couldn't be more ready.  Don't you simply love "sweater weather"?

Here's the next stage in this new painting:
Most of this painting is finished.  I still need to add what I call the icing on the cake....the beautiful blazing autumn trees and falling leaves.  Some white fencing would be nice too.  Have you got any ideas?
You can click on the photo for a closer view.

Once I get 200 followers, I will celebrate with a giveaway so keep watching.   Thanks to all my followers and those who leave comments.  I wish I had time to answer all my comments, but that wouldn't leave me much time for painting.  I do appreciate that you take the time from your busy schedules to read my blog.  If you have any comments about what you'd like for me to post in the future, please leave me a comment or send me an email. 


  1. Dare I say what I think it needs? Oh this is making me nervous...but wouldn't a pair of dancers whirling by a window (or perhaps they've whirled right out the door) be delightful? Kinda tough, though, I imagine. I adore your work!

  2. I love your autumn scenes! Very beautiful colors! I love being surrounded by your art! We have several framed prints here in the condo, too! You are one of my favorite artists...but you know that! ♥

  3. Some cornstalks and a wagon load of pumpkins? Can't wait to see it finished!


  4. Hey there,
    Since it is a fall pic, find a place for a pumpkin patch with a scar crow for the kiddies. Love the wall paper boarder!! Your bag turned out great too!! I made zucchini bread the other day. Pumpkin sounds great too!!
    see ya Wed.
    love ya,

  5. Hi Katherine,
    Here are some thoughts that I had when I looked. Maybe you're already finished.
    How about some mums? Maybe yellow and red or orange? I feel like the picture needs a lift. I love what Vee said about dancers whirling about.


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